LPG Vaporizer and Solenoid Valves7 November 2023

LPG vaporizer and solenoid valves are important components in the LPG Conversion Kits. It is important to store LPG which contains propane and butane mixture in pressurized containers in liquid state. This liquid must undergo a phase change into gas so that the empty space above the liquid in the container is filled by vapour which is used as fuel. Thus LPG enters as a liquid and exits as a gas. Solenoid valves are installed inside the vaporizers to turn the flow of vapour on or off in case of two-port valves and to control the outflow in case of three-port valves. Major LPG vaporizer suppliers and solenoid valve manufacturers ensure that their products are efficient in generating the heat or energy necessary to maintain the gaseous state of LPG.

LPG Vaporizers do not build pressure and allow the consumers to utilize 100% of the LPG in the container. This is quite reasonable for reduction in delivery frequency and overall costs. As they eliminate heavy ends accumulations in containers, hazardous results are minimal. Electronic and vacuum vaporizers suitable for numerous applications are easily available at affordable prices from LPG vaporizer suppliers.

Solenoid valve manufacturers produce electromechanical valves which are used to control elements in liquids or gases. Such valves are controlled by electric currents through solenoids (solenoid is a cylindrical coil of wires acting as magnet while carrying electric current). These have very low reaction times due to presence of a controller circuit and are commonly used in fuel injectors. The main function of a solenoid valve is to open or shut the valve mechanically by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. They offer fast and safe switching options along with high reliability. Auto gas systems worldwide use different types of valves including shut-off or filter-lock valves which may be operated on vacuum or electricity. Bi-fuel systems use shut-off valves.

LPG vaporizer suppliers and solenoid valve manufactures all over the world propagate auto gas or LPG as a ‘green’ fuel due to less exhaust emissions in the system. It decreases Carbon dioxide emissions by 35% as compared to other fuels like petrol, making auto gas the third most popular automotive fuel in the world representing almost 3 per cent of the total market share. The vehicles with petrol engines which do not have fitted LPG systems can avail the services of third party systems enabling them to use both petrol and LPG.

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