MEV02 is a two stages LPG electronic reducer for traditional systems.
Certifications – ECE R67
MVV01 is a two stages LPG vacuum reducer for traditional systems.

LPG Electronic Vaporizer MEV02

MEV02 stands out as a two-stage electronic LPG vaporizer for traditional systems, characterized by its die-cast aluminium body and ability to handle up to 30 Bar of inlet pressure. This unit is specifically designed to provide a consistent supply of LPG to engines up to 140HP, with variants available for higher-powered engines up to 140+HP.

LPG Pneumatic Reducer MVV01

The MVV01 is a two-stage pneumatic LPG reducer optimized for vacuum systems in traditional setups. Robust and reliable, it’s constructed to manage the same 30 Bar inlet pressure and is suitable for engines with power ratings up to 140HP and above. These reducers ensure a smooth transition for vehicles transitioning to LPG fuel.