Elevate the driving experience of your 4-wheeler with our premium LPG Kits. Designed for compatibility and performance, these kits enable a smooth transition to LPG, ensuring reduced emissions and a significant cut in fuel costs. Experience the benefits of a clean, alternative fuel with our industry-leading LPG conversion kits.

Premium Sequential LPG Kit

Drive greener with our Premium Sequential LPG Kit, featuring advanced vaporization technology and precision injection for consistent fuel delivery, coupled with a durable aluminium coated piping system for peak performance and safety.

Classic Sequential LPG Kit

Retrofit your vehicle efficiently with our Classic Sequential LPG Kit, designed for straightforward installation and robust performance, featuring a reliable reducer and injector rail for a smooth transition to LPG fuel.

OBD2 Sequential LPG Kit

Enhance your driving experience with our OBD2 Sequential LPG Kit, compatible with on-board diagnostics to maintain optimal performance while delivering the environmental benefits of LPG with an advanced electronic control unit and precision components.

6 & 8 Cylinder Sequential LPG Kit

Our 6 & 8 Cylinder Sequential LPG Kit is built to meet the demands of powerful engines, offering a dual injector rail system for balanced fuel delivery and the durability needed for larger vehicle applications.