Retrofit your 4-wheeler into a more sustainable future with our advanced CNG Kits. Tailored for a diverse range of car models, these kits are designed for seamless integration and optimized for performance. They provide a cleaner, cost-effective alternative to traditional fuels, while adhering to the highest safety and environmental standards.

BS6 Premium Sequential CNG Kit

Maximize your vehicle's efficiency with our cutting-edge BS6 Premium Sequential CNG Kit, featuring a two-stage reducer with an integrated high-pressure solenoid for unparalleled safety and consistent performance in 4-wheelers.

Premium Sequential CNG Kit

Introducing our Premium Sequential CNG Kit: Engineered for excellence, this kit boasts a dual-stage reducer with a high-pressure solenoid to enhance safety and performance, ensuring a smooth transition for your 4-wheeler to clean fuel technology.

Classic Sequential CNG Kit

Discover reliable fuel efficiency with our Classic Sequential CNG Kit, designed to offer a seamless upgrade with its robust sequential reducer and comprehensive fitting accessories, paving the way for a greener drive without sacrificing power.

OBD2 Sequential CNG Kit

Optimize your vehicle's performance with our OBD2 Sequential CNG Kit, equipped with advanced diagnostics compatibility for real-time system monitoring and a robust two-stage reducer, ensuring your 4-wheeler runs cleaner and more efficiently.

6 & 8 Cylinder Sequential CNG Kit

Power up your high-capacity engines with our specialized Sequential CNG Kit for 6 & 8 cylinder vehicles, featuring dual injector rails for balanced fuel distribution and a powerful sequential reducer to handle the demands of more robust engines.

Direct Injection Sequential CNG Kit

Transform your vehicle's capabilities with our Direct Injection Sequential CNG Kit, featuring a state-of-the-art sequential reducer and precise injector rail, designed to deliver a seamless and efficient performance for direct injection engines.

Traditional CNG Kit

Revive the efficiency of classic cars with our Traditional CNG Kit, a complete solution that includes a reliable traditional reducer, gas-air mixer, and essential fitting accessories, perfect for older models looking to switch to CNG without a hassle.