The MIR-01 Injector Rail is a sophisticated fuel delivery system designed for CNG/LPG vehicles equipped with sequential injection. Crafted from aluminum for strength without the weight, it offers a seamless fit and enduring performance under a max working pressure of 4.5 Bar. Operating on a voltage range of 11 - 14.4V, it's built to cater to a broad spectrum of engine requirements, supporting optimal combustion efficiency.
This injector rail's precision is apparent in its peak and hold type functionality, which provides meticulous control over fuel injection, ensuring that each pulse is delivered with pinpoint accuracy. The design incorporates a temperature range tolerance from -20°C to +120°C, allowing for reliable operation in diverse environmental conditions.
At a mere 0.66 kg, the rail’s lightweight design doesn't compromise on robustness, guaranteeing longevity and reliability. The included rubber hose fittings and calibrated nozzles ensure a perfect match with the engine's fuel system, facilitating a leak-proof and exact fuel flow.
The MIR-01 not only meets the rigorous standards of ISO 15500 and ECE certifications R110 and R67 but also exemplifies the high-quality engineering necessary for modern, eco-friendly vehicles. It's an essential component for any driver seeking to enhance their vehicle's fuel system integrity and efficiency.

CNG/LPG Injector Rail MIR-01