Timing Advance Processor

Maximize your engine's potential with the Timing Advance Processor. It advances ignition timing to optimize performance and fuel efficiency, especially when running on alternative fuels. Compatible with a range of engines, it's engineered for precision and easy integration.

MMV 12 Multi Valve

Our MultiValve series is designed to deliver safety and efficiency for your CNG/LPG tanks. With multiple configurations available, these valves ensure proper gas flow, safety lock features, and come in sizes to fit any tank shape, providing a reliable and secure solution for gas containment.

Gas-Air Mixer

This Gas-Air Mixer is engineered to ensure the perfect mix of gas and air for your engine, which is crucial for optimal combustion and performance. Available in various sizes to suit different engine requirements, it's built for precision and longevity.

Level Sensor

Keep track of your fuel levels with our advanced Level Sensor. Designed for accuracy and reliability, it ensures you're always informed about the amount of fuel you have, helping to manage your journeys and fuel consumption effectively.

Rubber Pipes

Our durable Rubber Pipes are designed to handle the demands of gas and water flow within your vehicle's conversion kit. They come in various sizes and are built to withstand pressure and temperature variations, ensuring a secure and long-lasting connection.



Copper Pipes are essential for secure and corrosion-resistant gas transport within your fuel systemOur pipes come in various lengths and diameters, tailored to offer maximum efficiency and fitment for a wide array of vehicle models.