Enhance your vehicle's performance with our premium Manifold Adaptors. Made with nickel-plated brass for durability, they offer a secure connection between Stainless Steel Manifolds and standard pipe fittings, eliminating the need for manual drilling in your manifold. Ideal for a seamless and reliable upgrade to your fuel system.

ME 11 Emulator

The Emulator is a vital component for vehicles converted to run on alternative fuels. It ensures that the original fuel system's signals are accurately replicated, preventing error codes and check engine lights. Available for various vehicle makes and models, it's the key to a hassle-free transition to greener fuel.

MAS 04 Fuel Selection & GAS Indicator Switch

Choose your fuel source with ease using our Fuel Selection & Indicator Switch. Designed for driver convenience, it allows for quick switching between fuel types and provides a clear indication of the selected fuel. It's an essential accessory for dual-fuel systems, offering both function and form.