Explore our premium selection of CNG Reducers, meticulously crafted to ensure the highest standards of fuel efficiency and performance. Each reducer in our portfolio is tailored to meet the rigorous demands of sequential injection systems, delivering unparalleled gas flow precision. Certified to conform with international standards including ISO 15500 and ECE R110, our reducers are the heart of a reliable and environmentally friendly CNG conversion, providing consistent output and durability.

CNG Sequential Reducer SR10CNG

The SR10CNG Reducer is an integral two-stage pressure reducer for CNG vehicles, offering precise fuel management with a low-pressure solenoid valve. Its durable die- cast aluminium body withstands up to 260 bar, with adjustable output from 1.50 to 7.00 bar. Compact (118x91x101 mm) and efficient (15W power consumption), it supports engines up to 175 HP. Certified with ISO 15500 and ECE R110, it ensures compliance with top safety and performance standards.

CNG Sequential Reducer CNGSR 03A SUPER

The CNGSR03A SUPER is a robust two-stage pressure reducer designed for high-performance CNG systems. With its sturdy die-cast aluminium body, it can handle a maximum inlet pressure of 250 Bar and enables precise adjustment of outlet pressure from 0.90 to 2.60 Bar. Suitable for engines up to 250 HP, this reducer is the go-to choice for vehicles requiring reliable and powerful CNG solutions, assured by its 17W power consumption and certifications of ISO 15500 and ECE R110.

CNG Sequential Reducer SR09CNG

The SR09CNG is an efficient two-stage pressure reducer tailored for sequential injection CNG systems. Its lightweight yet durable die-cast aluminium build, capable of managing a max inlet pressure of 250 Bar, and an adaptable outlet pressure range, supports engines up to 175 HP. Operating on a standard 12V DC solenoid voltage with a 15W power consumption, it meets the stringent requirements of ISO 15500 and ECE R110, making it a trusted component for a wide array of CNG vehicles.