Secure and precise, our collection of CNG and LPG valves are crafted to ensure safe and reliable refuelling. Constructed with robust materials and designed to meet stringent ECE R110 standards, these valves are an essential component for maintaining the integrity of your alternative fuel system.

CNG Refilling Valve MRV02.NGV

This CNG refilling valve is engineered for safety and efficiency, with a brass forge body capable of handling maximum working pressures up to 260 bar. Its compact design ensures it fits neatly within the fuel system, supporting a wide range of working temperatures for versatile use.

CNG Refilling Valve MRV02.NZS

Designed to meet New Zealand standards, this refilling valve features a durable brass body and is suitable for maximum working pressures of 260 bar. Its reliable construction ensures a secure connection and consistent operation across various temperatures, making it a trusted choice for CNG vehicles.

CNG Refilling Valve MRV03.NGV

The MRV03.NGV is a high-caliber CNG refilling valve constructed from stainless steel for maximum durability. It's designed to handle up to 260 bar of working pressure, providing a reliable and safe refilling experience for NGV-compatible systems.

CNG Refilling Valve MRV04.NGV

Featuring a robust combination of brass and stainless steel, the MRV04.NGV valve is a testament to secure and efficient CNG refueling. It's capable of withstanding high pressures and is equipped to work flawlessly within NGV standards.

Petrol Solenoid Valve MPV06

The MPV06 is a versatile petrol solenoid valve tailored for automotive use, particularly with carbureted engines. Its brass and MS construction ensures it can manage the specific flow requirements of gasoline, providing a seamless fuel management solution.

LPG Solenoid Valve MGV08

Optimized for LPG systems, the MGV08 solenoid valve is designed with a die-cast aluminum body, capable of handling 30 bar working pressure. It ensures a steady flow, contributing to the efficiency and safety of LPG fuel systems.

CNG Refilling Valve with Pressure Gauge – MRVPG

This CNG refilling valve, equipped with a pressure gauge, offers meticulous pressure monitoring for safe and precise refueling. The brass forge body and 260 bar max working pressure rating make it ideal for high-performance applications.

LPG Solenoid Valve MGV07

The MGV07 provides reliable control in LPG systems, constructed from durable brass. It's designed to operate effectively within a broad temperature range and can cater to substantial flow capacities, ensuring consistent performance.