3 Things to know before opting the Best CNG kit to buy for your car7 November 2023

With spiralling petrol and diesel costs, CNG is fast gaining popularity and has undeniably emerged as the future fuel. It is important to analyze all perspectives before installing a CNG kit in your car. Here, we bring to you a few points to keep in mind while opting for a CNG kit. So, let’s dive in!

1.Licensed CNG kit manufacturer
All products should be certified under ECE R67, ECE R110 & ISO 15500with patented design. A best CNG kit needs to have several certifications and approvals from national and international agencies providing evidence of quality assurance. Mijo Auto Gas Pvt. Ltd. boasts of all the above-mentioned quality checks.

2.Performance & Maintenance
With more than eighteen years of in-house R&D, Mijo CNG kit is a reliable option for the best CNG kit. Mijo promises high mileage with low running costs. Also, no frequent servicing is needed with Mijo’s breakthrough quality.

3.Installation & Quality:
Mijo Auto kits are approved for all models of major car manufacturing companies. The installation process is performed under strict safety and quality regulations. Mijo manufactures the most sophisticated and reliable CNG sequential kits. Its AQL system and qualified inspection staff ensure 100% testing for leakage. Its quality management system constantly upgrades technology and work procedures.

At a time when fuel prices continue to surge, switching to CNG is viable option for the future.

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