CNG – Future fuel | You can’t ignore these pros of CNG conversion7 November 2023

The switch from petrol or diesel to CNG is not only fuel efficient but also environment-friendly in the long run. CNG conversion has several advantages for your vehicle. Read on to know all of them:• Green Fuel:CNG is a clean fuel because of its lead and sulphur free character. It burns cleaner than petrol and diesel. It produces very less hydrocarbon emissions when compared to other fuels. Harmful emissions generated from petrol and diesel have a negative impact on the environment.• Cheaper Alternative:Daily petrol and diesel hikes have come as a blow for many. CNG is significantly cheaper than both. With CNG, average running cost of vehicle is reduced by 50 percent approximately. With CNG’s low running cost, you can save a lot on fuel in the long run.• Lower Maintenance:CNG costs less than other fuels in terms of service and maintenance. Cheaper maintenance along with low running cost contribute to CNG being the fuel of the future. The overall maintenance cost is also reduced due to longer periods between tune-ups and oil changes.• Superior Performance:You can expect about a 50 percent rise in efficiency with CNG. You can easily cover 21km per kg on CNG. Moreover, CNG cars run quieter than petrol and diesel vehicles, resulting in less noise pollution.• Dual Fuel Mobility:With the installation of CNG kit, your car can run on both CNG and Petrol/diesel whenever desired, simply at the flick of a switch on the dashboard.• CNG is Safer:CNG is safer than petrol and diesel. CNG being lighter than air further enhances its safety. In case of a leak it just rises up and dissipates into the atmosphere. Also, CNG kit tanks are stronger. • Cleaner Engine:A CNG kit will prove to be good for your car. It doesn’t harm the car engine in any way. In the event of a collision, CNG kit cylinders are less dangerous than petrol and diesel tanks because of the latter’s structure and location within the vehicle. You will notice increased life of lubricating oils too.These hard-to-ignore benefits of CNG installation over diesel and petrol make it very appealing for the long term. Mijo Auto Gas Pvt. Ltd. offers one of the best CNG kits available in India and abroad. Thorough tests are conducted to check the compatibility between the Mijo CNG kit and your car engine. Mijo ensures a smooth transition from other fuels to CNG with the best CNG kit and CNG installation services.

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