CNG and LPG Reducer7 November 2023

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) are being used increasingly as alternative fuel sources for different kinds of vehicles especially in those countries where petrol and diesel prices have risen considerably. Consequently, CNG and LPG have emerged as the new age vehicle fuels which are not only economical but also more environment-friendly. Both the public transport modes like buses and taxis as well as private vehicles are switching over to the new fuels. Auto manufacturers have also started offering factory fitted options for CNG and LPG. This has also provided opportunity to CNG reducer manufacturers and LPG reducer manufacturers to produce reducers to be used in engines.

CNG Reducer

CNG as a fuel option is more popular with commercial and private vehicles due to lower maintenance costs, more efficiency and less pollution. The number of vehicles in the world using CNG has grown significantly at an annual rate of 30 %. It is used in traditional internal combustion engines which have been converted into bi-fuel vehicles. There are fewer chances of any spill or evaporation losses in CNG fuel systems along with high auto ignition temperature and narrow range of flammability. Such fuel systems also have better resale value and any time switch over to petrol is possible. CNG vehicles are used increasingly in Asia, Europe and the US due to continuous hike in petrol prices in recent years. There are many CNG reducer manufacturers worldwide which manufacture CNG reducers in different versions to suit the engines of different power and different climatic conditions enabling installation in any kind of vehicle. There are government approved automobile institutes which control the installation of CNG kits to petrol vehicles. It is recommended to install only government approved CNG Conversion Kits.

LPG Reducer

LPG can also be used in a bi-fuel mode for which an electronic change over switch is provided inside the vehicle. LPG as a fuel is non-toxic, non-corrosive and free of additives. It burns more cleanly than petrol and is free of any particulates. LPG Conversion Kits can be used safely to install LPG fuel system in any vehicle. LPG or auto gas contained in a special tank is sent to the reducer or vaporizer which reduces the pressure of LPG and also controls its state from liquid to vapor form. The pressure is reduced with the help of the reducer. Most major LPG reducer manufactures produce two types of reducers- vacuum and electronic. The vacuum reducers are more suited to carbureted cars as they work on the theory of vacuum generated in the engine while electronic reducers work best for vehicles with multi point fuel injection. The system is completely safe. There are safety solenoid valves which prevent any leakages and accidents. LPG storage tanks are tested for explosion and multi valve are installed for more safety.

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