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BS6 Premium Sequential CNG Kit

Maximize your vehicle's efficiency with our cutting-edge BS6 Premium Sequential CNG Kit, featuring a two-stage reducer with an integrated high-pressure solenoid for unparalleled safety and consistent performance in 4-wheelers.

Premium Sequential CNG Kit

Introducing our Premium Sequential CNG Kit: Engineered for excellence, this kit boasts a dual-stage reducer with a high-pressure solenoid to enhance safety and performance, ensuring a smooth transition for your 4-wheeler to clean fuel technology.

Classic Sequential CNG Kit

Discover reliable fuel efficiency with our Classic Sequential CNG Kit, designed to offer a seamless upgrade with its robust sequential reducer and comprehensive fitting accessories, paving the way for a greener drive without sacrificing power.

OBD2 Sequential CNG Kit

Optimize your vehicle's performance with our OBD2 Sequential CNG Kit, equipped with advanced diagnostics compatibility for real-time system monitoring and a robust two-stage reducer, ensuring your 4-wheeler runs cleaner and more efficiently.

6 & 8 Cylinder Sequential CNG Kit

Power up your high-capacity engines with our specialized Sequential CNG Kit for 6 & 8 cylinder vehicles, featuring dual injector rails for balanced fuel distribution and a powerful sequential reducer to handle the demands of more robust engines.

Direct Injection Sequential CNG Kit

Transform your vehicle's capabilities with our Direct Injection Sequential CNG Kit, featuring a state-of-the-art sequential reducer and precise injector rail, designed to deliver a seamless and efficient performance for direct injection engines.

Traditional CNG Kit

Revive the efficiency of classic cars with our Traditional CNG Kit, a complete solution that includes a reliable traditional reducer, gas-air mixer, and essential fitting accessories, perfect for older models looking to switch to CNG without a hassle.

3 Wheeler CNG Kit TYPE 1

Elevate your three-wheeler's performance with our Type 1 CNG Kit, featuring a traditional reducer and a specialized refilling valve with a pressure gauge for precise fuel management and enhanced safety during refills.

3 Wheeler CNG Kit TYPE 2

Ensure your three-wheeler runs smoother and cleaner with our Type 2 CNG Kit, designed with a traditional reducer and high-quality components for reliable operation and easy fuelling, tailored for the unique needs of three-wheeled transport.

Premium Sequential LPG Kit

Drive greener with our Premium Sequential LPG Kit, featuring advanced vaporization technology and precision injection for consistent fuel delivery, coupled with a durable aluminium coated piping system for peak performance and safety.

Classic Sequential LPG Kit

Retrofit your vehicle efficiently with our Classic Sequential LPG Kit, designed for straightforward installation and robust performance, featuring a reliable reducer and injector rail for a smooth transition to LPG fuel.

OBD2 Sequential LPG Kit

Enhance your driving experience with our OBD2 Sequential LPG Kit, compatible with on-board diagnostics to maintain optimal performance while delivering the environmental benefits of LPG with an advanced electronic control unit and precision components.

Direct Injection Sequential LPG Kit

Seamlessly convert your direct injection engine with our sophisticated Sequential LPG Kit, designed to integrate flawlessly with your vehicle’s technology, providing a cleaner, more economical ride without sacrificing performance.

6 & 8 Cylinder Sequential LPG Kit

Our 6 & 8 Cylinder Sequential LPG Kit is built to meet the demands of powerful engines, offering a dual injector rail system for balanced fuel delivery and the durability needed for larger vehicle applications.

Traditional Electronic Front LPG Kit

Modernize your vehicle with our Traditional Front LPG Kit, complemented by a premium gas-air mixer and emulator for a balanced and smooth driving experience.

Traditional Vacum Front LPG Kit

Keep it classic with our Traditional Vacuum Front LPG Kit, ideal for vehicles with vacuum-based systems, featuring a dependable reducer and solenoid valve for reliable operation and straightforward switching between fuel types.

CNG Sequential Reducer SR10CNG

The SR10CNG Reducer is an integral two-stage pressure reducer for CNG vehicles, offering precise fuel management with a low-pressure solenoid valve. Its durable die- cast aluminium body withstands up to 260 bar, with adjustable output from 1.50 to 7.00 bar. Compact (118x91x101 mm) and efficient (15W power consumption), it supports engines up to 175 HP. Certified with ISO 15500 and ECE R110, it ensures compliance with top safety and performance standards.

CNG Sequential Reducer CNGSR 03A SUPER

The CNGSR03A SUPER is a robust two-stage pressure reducer designed for high-performance CNG systems. With its sturdy die-cast aluminium body, it can handle a maximum inlet pressure of 250 Bar and enables precise adjustment of outlet pressure from 0.90 to 2.60 Bar. Suitable for engines up to 250 HP, this reducer is the go-to choice for vehicles requiring reliable and powerful CNG solutions, assured by its 17W power consumption and certifications of ISO 15500 and ECE R110.

CNG Sequential Reducer SR09CNG

The SR09CNG is an efficient two-stage pressure reducer tailored for sequential injection CNG systems. Its lightweight yet durable die-cast aluminium build, capable of managing a max inlet pressure of 250 Bar, and an adaptable outlet pressure range, supports engines up to 175 HP. Operating on a standard 12V DC solenoid voltage with a 15W power consumption, it meets the stringent requirements of ISO 15500 and ECE R110, making it a trusted component for a wide array of CNG vehicles.

CNG Traditional Reducer CNGR01

The CNGR01 is a three-stage electronic reducer built for durability with a die-cast aluminium body. It's capable of withstanding up to 260 bar of inlet pressure, ensuring consistent fuel supply for engines up to 140HP. The reducer's dimensions and solenoid voltage are optimized for traditional systems, offering a steadfast solution for CNG conversion.

CNG Traditional Reducer CNGR01 – TURBO

Specifically crafted for turbocharged engines, the CNGR01-TURBO is a three-stage electronic reducer that delivers impeccable performance. It handles the same high inlet pressure as the standard CNGR01, with modifications to suit the unique requirements of turbo engines, providing a boost in efficiency and power for engines over 250HP.

LPG Sequential Reducer SR06LPG

The SR06LPG is a sophisticated sequential reducer tailored for LPG systems, offering a die-cast aluminium body and the ability to withstand a maximum inlet pressure of 30 Bar. This reducer is engineered for precision with an adjustable outlet pressure and a solenoid voltage of 12V DC. It’s capable of serving engines up to 250 HP, making it a versatile choice for a range of vehicles.

LPG Electronic Vaporizer MEV02

MEV02 stands out as a two-stage electronic LPG vaporizer for traditional systems, characterized by its die-cast aluminium body and ability to handle up to 30 Bar of inlet pressure. This unit is specifically designed to provide a consistent supply of LPG to engines up to 140HP, with variants available for higher-powered engines up to 140+HP.

LPG Pneumatic Reducer MVV01

The MVV01 is a two-stage pneumatic LPG reducer optimized for vacuum systems in traditional setups. Robust and reliable, it’s constructed to manage the same 30 Bar inlet pressure and is suitable for engines with power ratings up to 140HP and above. These reducers ensure a smooth transition for vehicles transitioning to LPG fuel.

CNG Refilling Valve MRV02.NGV

This CNG refilling valve is engineered for safety and efficiency, with a brass forge body capable of handling maximum working pressures up to 260 bar. Its compact design ensures it fits neatly within the fuel system, supporting a wide range of working temperatures for versatile use.

CNG Refilling Valve MRV02.NZS

Designed to meet New Zealand standards, this refilling valve features a durable brass body and is suitable for maximum working pressures of 260 bar. Its reliable construction ensures a secure connection and consistent operation across various temperatures, making it a trusted choice for CNG vehicles.

CNG Refilling Valve MRV03.NGV

The MRV03.NGV is a high-caliber CNG refilling valve constructed from stainless steel for maximum durability. It's designed to handle up to 260 bar of working pressure, providing a reliable and safe refilling experience for NGV-compatible systems.

CNG Refilling Valve MRV04.NGV

Featuring a robust combination of brass and stainless steel, the MRV04.NGV valve is a testament to secure and efficient CNG refueling. It's capable of withstanding high pressures and is equipped to work flawlessly within NGV standards.

Petrol Solenoid Valve MPV06

The MPV06 is a versatile petrol solenoid valve tailored for automotive use, particularly with carbureted engines. Its brass and MS construction ensures it can manage the specific flow requirements of gasoline, providing a seamless fuel management solution.

LPG Solenoid Valve MGV08

Optimized for LPG systems, the MGV08 solenoid valve is designed with a die-cast aluminum body, capable of handling 30 bar working pressure. It ensures a steady flow, contributing to the efficiency and safety of LPG fuel systems.

CNG Refilling Valve with Pressure Gauge – MRVPG

This CNG refilling valve, equipped with a pressure gauge, offers meticulous pressure monitoring for safe and precise refueling. The brass forge body and 260 bar max working pressure rating make it ideal for high-performance applications.

LPG Solenoid Valve MGV07

The MGV07 provides reliable control in LPG systems, constructed from durable brass. It's designed to operate effectively within a broad temperature range and can cater to substantial flow capacities, ensuring consistent performance.

CNG/LPG Injector Rail MIR-01


Enhance your vehicle's performance with our premium Manifold Adaptors. Made with nickel-plated brass for durability, they offer a secure connection between Stainless Steel Manifolds and standard pipe fittings, eliminating the need for manual drilling in your manifold. Ideal for a seamless and reliable upgrade to your fuel system.