Mijo is proud to have been bestowed with the LPG Approval Certificate for Vehicles from ICAT.

We thank our patrons and our supporters for their continued trust and belief in Mijo’s incomparable quality in products and services over the years.

We are committed to customer satisfaction by providing quality products and functional excellence with each of our kit components. Our team continues to offer premium quality LPG Conversion Kits for our customers for impeccable drivability.

Mijo Auto aspires to deliver superior performance in comfort and drivability with ourbest-in-class LPG kits.Our mission to revolutionize the advanced alternative fuel systems is guided by vast industry experience and skilled personnel.Mijo boasts of the bestLPG kits manufactured under strict quality control and by experts committed to eco-sustainable mobility for the future.

Mijo LPG kit components include LPG sequential reducer, LPG valves, Injector rail, Electronic Control Unit, Level Sensor etc.

LPG Products

Is the Mijo LPG kit safe for my car?

Mijo, established in 2001, is synonymous with safety, mileage and performance.
Weare renowned for our safe LPG conversion process. Our installation process is performed under strict safety and quality regulations, only by specialists.
An LPG tank is installed in LPG conversion to your vehicle with the best quality piping and other LPG components.

Did you know?

LPG is a cleaner-burning fuel engine, so it actually prolongs the engine life. Also, LPG demands less maintenance thus increasing cost-effectiveness.If you’re planning to convert your car to LPG, rest assured that LPG is a feasible alternate fuel option for any petrol-powered vehicle. You can seamlessly enjoy the benefits of adual fuel car with the Mijo LPG Kit.