GPS Manual

Intoduce Our Products Specifications

Dimension 102 (L) X 82(W) X 29 (H)
Weight 170 gm
Device Operating Volt 12 V DC
Battery Backup 3.7V / 850mAh (backup up to 4 Hrs)
Operation Temperature -10°C to + 60°C
GSM Frequencies Quad-band 850/900/1,800/1,900MHz
GPRS Class 12
GPRS Channel 22
GPS Sensitivity 165 dBm
GPS Start time Cold starts : 31 s (typical) Warm starts : 30s Hot starts : 1s EPO Assist : 13s(CTTFF)
Position Accuracy 2.5m CEP
GSM / GPS Antenna Internal Antenna
LED Indicator Power, GSM/ GPS
Geo-fence View any existing Geo-fence in the map
Remote Control Cut off Petrol / Electricity

Wiring Configuration

S.NO. Specification Colour Instruction
3 Pin P+ 12V Ground wire DIN 01(+) RED Black Brown Connect to +12V DC to 36 V DC Connect to -12V DC GND Connect to Ignition
2pin DIN 02 (-) Orange Orange Connect to SOS button Connect to SOS button
4 pin DIN 03 (+) DIN 04 (-) AIN 01 AIN 02 White Gray Green Violet Connect to Connect to AC Relay, Door Switch Connect to Fuel Sensor Connect to Temperature Sensors
2 pin DOP 01 DOP 02 Yellow Blue  

LED indication

1) If the red LED indicator on: No GSM network signals.

2) If the red LED indicator flashes fast (one time each second): GSM Network signal is normally, and tracker works under SMS mode.

3) If the red LED indicator flashes slowly (one time each three seconds): Tracker works under GPRS mode.

4) If the green LED flashes slowly: GPS signal is normal.

5) If the green LED indicator on : No GPS signals.

Do’s and Dont’s of GPS tracking installation