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The dispenser is contactless and will spray alcohol based hand rub sanitizer for sanitization of hands. It can be used at any place like Hotels, Malls, Restaurants, Schools, Hospitals etc.

This is a mist based dispenser, to optimize the consumption of sanitizer. Whereas in normal usage, we use 20-30 ml of sanitizer for one operation, this sanitizer does the same job by dispensing just 2-3 ml (Adjustable by user) of sanitizer in mist form over a longer period of time.

5 Litres


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Technical Specifications

Capacity 5L (5000ML)
Sanitizer Type Any liquid sanitizer can be used in the dispensing machine based on Ethanol
Sanitizer Refill Simply pour the sanitizer by opening safety lock with key to refill the tank
Electrical Input/output Input : 230V AC Supply // Output : 12V DC, 5 Ampere
Level Indicator Transparent Tank
Dispensing Every dispensing cycle is of 2-3 ml (adjustable by user), the machine can work for 2000-2500 hand sanitization cycles before require refilling the 5000ML Tank
Outer Body Material ABS
Tank Material PC
Spray Type Mist
Usage Contactless
Sensor Type Ultrasonic Sensor
Mounting Style Wall Mount
Electrical Hardware Microprocessor Based
Indications Two LEDs (RED – Power On/Off, GREEN –Dispensing in progress)
Operation Mode Electrical
Warranty 1 year manufacturer warranty for any manufacturing defect
Installation Three step installation process:
1) Fix the machine on the wall
2) Fill the sanitizer
3) Plug in to standard wall socket
Product Dimension 29.5 X 12.4 X 34.2 cm
Product Weight 2.512 kg
Qty. per Box 1
Box Dimension 34 X 17.5 X 41 cm
Box Weight 3.1 Kg
Qty. per Carton 5 Boxes
Carton Dimension 36 X 89.5 X 43 cm
Carton Weight 17.5 Kg

Main components

1. Outer Body

Material - ABS

2. Sanitizer Container

This is the container where the sanitizer is stored/refilled.

Material - PC
Capacity - 5 Liters

3. Mist Atomizer

The atomizer sprays sufficient amount of sanitizer at a cone angle of 60° to wet both the hands

Material - Polypropylene
Flow rate - 2-3 ml (adjustable by user) for each operation

4. Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)

This is used to convert input AC voltage to DC voltage for functioning of electronic circuit, sensor and pump.

Output - 12VDC, 5 Amp

5. Non contact ultrasonic sensor

This module, with air as medium, is a non-contact target detection and distance measurement module. This sensor is not affected by color or other visual from the detected object. The ultrasonic sensor sends out high frequency sound waves in the direction of detection, and receives the reflection from nearby objects and gives distance reading by processing the echo time

Material - Plastic

Min sensing distance - 2 cm

Max hand distance - 20 cm

Field of View - 8-10°

6. Electric Circuit

Type – Microprocessor Based

Working – Once the hand is detected by the sensor, it switches on the pump for predefined time.

7. Solenoid Valve

This valve prevents water to drip from the nozzle when the pump is not working

MoC (5 Litres) - Plastic Body / Copper Winded Solenoid Coil

Working voltage - 12V DC