Cusher FAQs

How To Use Frequently Asked Questions?

When both ends of the Mijo Cusher meet each other?

If the diameter of the coil spring is small, both ends of Mijo Cusher may touch each other. In such case, make them not to do so by cutting the both ends a little bit; then, install the Mijo Cusher.

Will the device support all kind of vehicles?

If the shock absorber spring is located on the front wheel, you can see it from the upper part of the wheel. Also, the same way applies if the absorber is installed on the rear wheel. However, some vehicles and most of the new vehicle models (since June, 2005) have the shock absorber spring installed behind the rear wheel. In this case, you can find it by looking down from the trunk or muffler side. For this type of vehicle, you should install the Mijo Cusher from the muffler side after hoisting the vehicle with a vehicle jack. If you are unable to install it, please visit near auto part & supply store or auto shop.

Why you should not measure the gap in the springs while having the vehicle hoisted up by a jack.?

The Mijo Cusher is to be functioning while the vehicle is placed on the ground. As the vehicle is hoisted up, its shock absorber springs extend. Thus, the size measured in such case is not correct to find a proper cusher.

What is the life span of Mijo cusher?

MIjo Cusher is semi­permanent and can be used until the vehicle goes out of service. The MIjo Cusher life span can easily be understood once we get to know about the characteristics of urethane. Similar products or imitations are made of synthetic rubber; whereas, the Mijo Cusher is made of 100% pure and resilient urethane.

Why should I go for this product?

You should go for this product as it controls speed. Avoid accidents and quality we provide is guaranteed and the best part is its safe and environment friendly. They are long- lasting.