About Us

What We Do We are leading manufacturer and developer of CNG & LPG Conversion kits, Cushers, Vehicle Tracking Systems, Fare Meters & Speed limitation devices.

Our Mission

The company aims to serve the global priority of eco-sustainable mobility by promoting the use of
advanced alternative fuel systems which lead to economic use of
fuel and a clean environment.

Management Team

The company’s Managing Director, Sh. Rattan Mittal has vast industry experience and expertise to guide its professionally
qualified and skilled personnel. The excellent human resource policies of the company ensure the best results in
component performance with 100 per cent customer satisfaction.

Research and Development

Mijo Autogas Research and Development centre constantly upgrades the manufacturing facilities through advanced technology and clean energy sources allowing the creation and development of modern fuel conversion systems. The team of technicians at the centre tests the prototypes to control performance and analyze the contaminating factors in the exhaust gases. Motor testing benches and laboratories with road simulators are used to develop and test the prototypes of new systems. The company achieves its benchmarks through a systematic and flexible approach towards adopting the latest techniques introduced in the industry.

Design and Development

The company takes utmost care in the design and development of all its components and equipment to ensure the best quality and performance. The designs and components of Mijo LPG and CNG gas conversion kits are in compliance with the most modern techniques and are registered under Registration of Design Certificate Nos.

Our Technology

As new technologies and methods keep emerging frequently in the natural gas industry, Mijo Auto gas Pvt Ltd aims to develop and apply increasingly sophisticated technologies to improve the efficiency, cost effectiveness and environmental soundness of the alternative fuel-run vehicles. The natural gas vehicles produce, on average, 70 percent less carbon monoxide and 87 percent less non-methane organic gas than traditional fuel powered vehicles, which has led to an increase in their demand. Consumers enjoy more flexibility in fuel choice in bi-fuel vehicles.

The company’s technical section comprises of various technicians and engineers dedicated towards constant research and upgrading of the design, prototyping, analyzing production lines, engineering production processes and technical assistance in the manufacture and supply of both electronic and mechanic components. The advanced technological level of the company resources and its own R&D center has enabled it to meet the demands of an incessantly dynamic market most effectively. The company invests heavily in the next generation machineries for the manufacturing, assembling and testing of its range of products and services. The quality of products and safe installation processes are known worldwide making the company successful in the world market in terms of quality, savings, performance and customer satisfaction.

Our Quality

We, at MIJO AUTO GAS PVT. LTD. are committed to provide high quality and competitive priced LPG and CNG kit components and services to meet our customer's requirements through continual improvement in technology, work procedures and effectiveness of quality management system

Mijo Auto Gas Pvt. Ltd. manufactures the most sophisticated and reliable CNG and LPG kits. Its AQL system and qualified inspection staff ensure 100 % testing for leakage. Its quality management system constantly upgrades technology and work procedures. All products are certified under ECR 67 R-01 and ISO 15500 with patented design. Several certifications and approvals from national and international agencies provide evidence of quality assurance.

Our Production

The company’s advanced production facilities include component and equipment assembly lines, transfer machines and machine shops along with Research and Development to support technical innovations in its products. Its mechanic and electronic departments plan and analyze prototypes for engineering and technical assistance in production of different components.

Dedicated Installation Area

Mijo Auto Gas Pvt. Ltd. works in alliance with major car manufacturing companies for installation of CNG kits and LPG kits before marketing the vehicles for sale. Tests are conducted to check the compatibility between the kit and the vehicle. The installation process is performed under strict safety and quality regulations.