mijo Speed Governor Technology

The Speed Governor is designed for a very easy and simple fitment as against the other designs based on accelerator control which take more than an hour. We install our manufactured Speed Governor as well as customer's directed speed governors. We have professional and trained engineers to process Speed Governor Installation Services in Trucks, Buses, Jeep, car and Other types of commercial Vehicles. Our Installtion Services are cost effective and technically sound so that customer can see very good performance of the installed speed governors. We also provides maintenance and repair servicesfor speed governors.

Lost motion or too much friction in governor push-pull control or quadrant friction lock makes precise speed setting difficult. To reduce the effect of lost motion and friction the engine end of the push-pull control must be secured to the governor or engine so that movement of the engine in its mounts will not change the governor speed setting. The quadrant friction lock should prevent propeller control lever slip due to vibration. The change in RPM is very gradual and may require observation of the speed setting knob for several minutes to detect lever movement.The governor control lever spring is designed to hold the existing speed setting or move the control lever in the maximum RPM direction in the event of failure of the governor push-pull control or cable.
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How it works

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