About Us

MIJO Speed Limitation Device Pvt. Ltd ,are engineered to meet the strict ethics of the automotive industry. Thus gratifying the needs of an increasingly demanding market. A Speed Limitation Device is said to be speed limiter, is a device used to measure and regulate the speed of a commercial vehicles. it is a micro-controller based electronic unit, which constantly observes the speed of a vehicle and controls the vehicle speed within the preset limit. Its genuinely known by us that over speed cause accidents as solution lies in controlling the speeding of vehicles and specially heavy one that's why this technology is introduced. Like many functions on modern, fuel-injected cars, speed limiters operate through electronic sensors.

We are the Manufacturer and Supplier of Premium Quality Speed Limitation Device for commercial vehicles. Our Speed Limiter is long-lasting. We offer products that are  tested for quality and performances. We use current manufacturing techniques and technology for the production of Speed Limitation Device. We are producing those products which are requirement of Industries as well as for the customers satisfaction. Our Speed Limitation Device are saves fuel as well as life. Our team has capability and engineering skills to offer standard as well as customized products. So much of Research and Development have further made us to offer best solutions to meet of our clients. The procedures and process we have followed to come out with quality of product is the reason that we are standing up and high.

Our Vision

Quality parameters :1.flexibility 2.stability 3.durablity 4. Expanded efficiency 5.consistency 6.safety 7. environment friendly

Our Mission

We have expertise in our company who skilled , professionals and trained as well as they have experience . We even have controllers who keep an eye on each every functional unit and on the process of production. Using latest technology equipments and techniques is our way of working. Providing clients satisfaction , looking on their requirement and specification as well timely delivery is our effort.