LPG Traditional Reducers

LPG Pneumatic Reducer (MVV01)

It is a two stage reducer which reduces the LPG pressure and vaporize it allowing the regular flow of gas to the engine. The phase of gas is changed from liquid to gas by reducing pressure and absorption of heat from the body of the reducer which is heated by the liquid of the engine cooling circuit. Flow of gas is maintained through vaccum generated by the engine.

Technical Specifications

LPG Electronic Vaporizer (MEV02)

A control device meant to reduce LPG pressure and to vaporize it for a regular flow of gas to the engine. Its electronic starting device and mechanical safety system control and regulate the supply of gas to the engine. Its solenoid valve controls the inlet by not allowing the LPG to enter the vaporizer when the engine does not need it. A slow idling adjustment for fine tuning works as a check for the vaporizer helping the vehicle with an instant and efficient start of the engine.

Technical Specifications