How to measure the size of coil spring

Check to see if the shock absorber is a coil spring type

(if your shock absorber is the coil spring type, you should be able to install the Mijo cusher.)

Prepare a ruler, paper, and scissors
  • (prepare a piece of paper without any wrinkle or folded spot.)
Place the paper between the space of the coil spring
  • (you may also be able to measure the space in the rear wheel depending on the vehicle model.)
Take out the paper and measure the gap with a ruler
  • (let us have your measurement. Then we will send you a Mijo cusher in a right size.)
Do not measure the gap while the vehicle is lifted
  • It is improper that you measure the gap while the vehicle is lifted by a vehicle jack or lift. The MIJO CUSHER shall only be used when the vehicle is on the ground. While the vehicle is lifted, the shock absorber spring stretches. Thus, any measurement under this condition is improper.
Cautions for the vehicle whose coil spring have been changed
  • Whether the shock absorber spring have been changed, you may install cusher as long as the type of the sespension is a coil spring. if the cehicle has a type of tuned coil spring (UP/DOWN spring), the gap in the top and bottom part of the could be different. In such case, please determine where the MIJO CUSHER should be installed prior to measuring the gap.