How to Install

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Preparing Materials

Prepare MIJO CUSHER, jack, soap water or WD (Water Displacement) and cable tie (if necessary)

Lifting the vehicle

Lift up the vehicle body using a jack or a lift until the vehicle's wheels are off the ground.

Checking the condition of coil spring

The coil spring should be loose.

Cleaning the coil spring before installing the Mijo Cusher

Spray soap water or WD on the coil spring for easy installation. This step makes the surface of the coil spring smooth.

Installing the MIJO CUSHER on the coil spring

Install the cusher on the coil spring. It will be easy if you smoothly rotate the MIJO CUSHER when installing.

Checking after the installation

Make sure the grooves of the cusher are well interlocked with the coil spring. If the type of MIJO CUSHER needs to be tied, fasten the MIJO CUSHER and the coil spring with the cable tie.

Cautions when you install MIJO CUSHER

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You need a flat ground for parking,-Select a safe place for installation where other cars do not run around,-Turned off you engine for safety purpose, - Make sure that your jack work properly before you install the Mijo cusher.
Checking the condition of the MIJO CUSHER after installing
  • Check if the coil springs are well interlocked into the grooves of the MIJO CUSHER. Otherwise, it can be an improper installation.
Checking the installing location of the MIJO CUSHER
  • We suggest that the position of the MIJO CUSHER be in the middle of the coil spring. In general case, it should not be installed on the very top or bottom part of the coil spring.
Checking the size of mijo cusher
  • If you install a mijo cusher that does not fit to the coil spring, the life span may be get shortened. Please refer to the standard size table of mijo cusher by types before you purchase and install it. For any other information contact our customer care service.