CNG Sequential Reducer

CNG Sequential Reducer (CNGSR03A)

The pressure reducer has been designed by mijo to supply fuel-injected vehicles with CNG, and also offers excellent performance for MPFI vehicles. This reducer comes with water-gas heat exchanger, filter, gas solenoid valve and safety valve. The reducer is calibrated for a supply pressure of 2 bar (200kPa) and nominal flow rate of 30 Kg/hour.

These pressure reducers comes in two stages (diaphragm and piston based) which are exclusively designed for being used with 5th generation systems. Clients appreciate these reducers for their excellent performance and safety features. CNGSR03A is a powerful reducer, suitable for high-powered cars, reliable under all working conditions and provides superior performance in comfort and drivability.


Technical Specifications

CNG Sequential Reducer (SR09CNG)

Technical Specifications

CNG Sequential Reducer (SR09CNG SUPER)

Technical Specifications