Abaout Mijo Auto Meter

MIJO AUTO Meter Pvt. Ltd ,are engineered to meet the strict ethics of the automotive industry. Thus gratifying the needs of an increasingly demanding market. The company is accredited under ISO 9001-2008 and all products under CR 7 R-01 and ISO 15500. The in-house Design and Development department is devoted towards the achievement of eminence through its composed application,procedures and schedules .Dedication and loyalty toward routine is scrutinized in their task. The company Fabricates auto meter as per client's specifications to give them satisfaction.

Quality Standards

Quality Standards

  • specification of product
  • Regulatory
  • Testing
  • Latest equipments and technology
  • Functional safety


  • Stability in quality of products
  • Proper production process
  • Use upgraded technology
  • Flawless designing
  • Sporting pricing policy

Our Technology

  • Updated and new technology
  • Collaboration in technology terms
  • Customized technology
  • Increased safety as automated machines are used
  • Gives higher volume of production

why choose us / products

  • Electronic Fare Meter
  • Electronic Fare Meter with GPS


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Telephone: +91-11-2729 4386, 3258 8722