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About Mijo Auto Meter

MIJO AUTO Meter Pvt. Ltd ,are engineered to meet the strict ethics of the automotive industry. Thus gratifying the needs of an increasingly demanding market. The company is accredited under ISO 9001-2008 and all products under CR 7 R-01 and ISO 15500. The in-house Design and Development department is devoted towards the achievement of eminence through its composed application, procedures and schedules .Dedication and loyalty toward routine is scrutinized in their task. The company Fabricates auto meter as per client's specifications to give them satisfaction.

we are using latest and upgraded technology as the quality of products and safe installation processes are known worldwide making the company successful in the world market in terms of quality, savings, performance and customer satisfaction. The products we offer have quality assurance . The pricing is at reasonable range. competing with other manufactures have raise the standards of work in or company .The products are tested cautionary tested on various measures to proved best . Our company have many functional units with separate departments. we have also appointed the controllers to keep check on every activities of traders and other departments as well as in production process starting from raw material to till final touch. all machines are update time to time according to change and requirements in the market.